Mandatory Regulation Change

Developers constructing new homes with a dedicated parking space or driveway must provide an infrastructure for an electric vehicle (EV) charging point as a minimum.

  • Consultation / regulations introduced 15th July 2019 (Link)

  • Part of Britain’s efforts to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and Road to Zero Strategy ​

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) sales are seeing high growth in line with new car sales of 100% EV by 2030​

  • BriXcell is providing a solution to the developer to comply with the required infrastructure for now & future EV charging ​

  • By using a BriXcell Construction Pack the homeowner is provided with an OZEV ready & future proof solution for fitment of EV charging point​

  • Easily future proof your builds, during or post construction with BriXcell​

BriXCell - Construction and decorative cover
BriXCell - Construction and decorative cover

BriXcell Construction Pack

The BriXcell construction pack allows you to meet regulations, allows your electricians to quickly and easily install the important EV charging infrastructure

Patent pending Brixcell Back Box built into the wall

BriXcell Backbox
BriXcell Installation

Patent pending Electrical connection system inside the back box enable the ‘Click and Connect’ fitting of Charge Point

BriXcell Unwired
BriXcell Wired

Pink construction cover* made from recycled polymers

*can be returned to BriXcell for charitable donation and re-use

BriXcell Cover Installed
BriXcell Cover Removed

Assembly Video

BriXcell – as easy as laying a brick - designed for purpose

Watch on YouTube

Installation Sequence

BriXcell  -  Lay the BriXcell, terminate the BriXcell, fit the charge point

Install the BriXcell Construction Pack during ground floor wall construction

BriXcell Cover Installed

Wire to the unique electrical connection system at first fix stage

BriXcell Wired

Fit the Decorative Cover according to specification

BriXCell - Decorative cover

Swap out the Decorative Cover for a BriXcell Charge Point at any future time with no internal disruption to the property

BriXcell Cutaway


Lay as a brick – little/no training required

BriXCell - Installation

Faster way to ‘facilitate’ an EV charging point

BriXCell - Decorative cover

Electrical installation with house build

BriXCell - EV charger unit installation

Innovative Robust Design

BriXcell - RFID security
BriXcell - Smart EV Charging
BriXcell - LED bar and halo charger status
BriXcell - Charging socket anti-theft lock
BriXcell - EV charging unit
BriXcell - 32amp (7Kw) EV fast charging
BriXcell - Flame retardant polymers (UL-VO)
BriXcell - Type 1 or Type 2 Plug holder for charge cable
BriXcell - IP54 Water and dust resistant
BriXcell - EV charging unit cut-away

Connect with Innovation

  • Position your brand alongside innovation & sustainability

  • Future proof your property developments – an additional sales point

  • Product brand options available

BriXcell - Decorative cover - Buff finish
BriXcell - Decorative cover - Terracotta finish
BriXcell - Decorative cover - Anthracite finish

Quality Driven Design & Manufacturing

  • Designed and produced in the UK

  • 25+ years of power / electronics experience

  • Patented technology and design

Your Extra Revenue Stream

BriXcell - EV car charging point
  • Cost effectively meet regulations

  • Designed for construction environment

  • Offers customers a full charge point in their property purchase specification

  • Sales rebate structure in place

Technical Specification

BriXcell - Technical Specification

Re-Use for Charity

Brixcell will donate £1 for each & every construction cover re-used.

Return the PINK constructions cover made of recycled polymers when a site is complete and Brixcell will donate £1 for every construction cover returned to us.

Monies raised will be donated to charities for the research of cancer.

Help in the fight against single use plastics.

Help fight cancer.

Brixcell - Helping in the fight against cancer

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